Wednesday, 1 June 2016

reflection T2W4

Hello. This is my word cloud that I created. Some of the people in mamaku wrote on it. We had to use abcya to create it. It has all the things that mamaku said to me.

We have been doing an article about the Charlotte's web activitiy that we have also been doing. I was writing about my favorite character Wilbur. Wilbur is my favorite character because he is very cute and he is one of the mane characters. I also learnt to write an article for the first time.

Wilbur the amazing pig

Wilbur the pig.
On Charlotte's web the words some pig were written.
Mr zuckerman’s barn.
Late the night before.
Why - because Charlotte loves Wilbur and does not want him to die.

On a farm just out of Greymouth lived a happy little pig named Wilbur who lives in a barn on the farm. People say they have seen a web in the barn above the pig pen that says some pig. Mr zuckerman is very proud of Wilbur he says he will take him to the animal show. The next day Mr zuckerman took Wilbur to the animal show. When it was time to announce the winner. Mr zuckerman was so pumped. Then sapprizingle Mr zuckerman won the competition.

For maths we have been doing change unknown problem using web paint. It was a bit tricky to do but it got a bit easier when I got use to it. Here is my video of my change unknown.


For reading we have been retelling the story and telling the inportant parts
from the story. The first activity I did was lisean to the story and then retell it.
The second activity we had to watch the five finger rule. The thread  activity
we had to put it into action.