Friday, 28 October 2016

Athletics Reflection T4W3

Athletics day
On Wednesday we had the school athletics day that went on from 1:00 pm till 6:00 pm. They put us all in age groups and I was ten so got put in the 10 year olds group. 

First we had discus then we did the sprint then we had to pick a buddy and get a piece of elastic and put one of your feet in and then the other person does the same. You get a shovel and a tennis ball and put on the shovel. 

Next we did the high jump. I failed twice then we did shot put and I got 4m 56cm. 

Next we went to the long jump and on that I got 4m 40cm then we finished.

Here are some images:

Topic Reflection T4W3

For Topic we have been doing water safety and some water safety DLO's. We also played some water safety games like Jack and Jill's advencter where you had to choose something to save jack with. here is one of my water safety DLO's we had to do. 

Numaracy Reflection T4W3

For Numaracy we have been doing

Friday, 14 October 2016

Numaracy Reflection T4W2

 for numaracy we have been doing nothing at all or i dont remember...

Writing Reflection T4W2

For Writing I did position and orientation with Ry. Here it is: