Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Camp Reflection

Camp reflection

Last week Mamaku 3 went to Fox Glacier for three days.    We got there and we were relieved. The first night we went to see the glow worms they were awesome. On the second day we did a 2hour 20min walk up to Fox Glacier and back.

It  was so cold up in the glacier. When we went up close it looked amazing. Then we went on a treasure hunt. It was fun and hard. When we came back from the treasure hunt we got lollies. File_000.jpeg

On day three we went swimming but I didn't go. After they got back we had to pack up and get going.


On the way home we stopped at Hari Hari and had a snack then we stopped at the tree top walk it was freaky but I got used to it. When we left the tree top walk we almost got lost but we weren’t. We then went through Hokitika then we had 30mins left. When we crossed the red bridge we could see Serpentine beach. Then we finally arrived at Grey Main School. File_009.jpeg
I had so much fun. My favourite part was seeing the glow worms.